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Lautaro Tissera - Guitar Concert

Lautaro Tissera, Guitarist and Composer

One of the most outstanding virtuoso guitarists of tango and contemporary Argentine music. The mixture of his native rhythms of Tango / Milonga / Folk with classical music enthuses the public of the world.He is a guitarist and composer of tango and Argentine folk music . The musical language he uses ,is an expressive and exciting way of combining his musical heritage ( tango and classical music) with a rich and intelligent use of harmonic textures and excellent guitar technique. Lautaro Tissera was born in La Plata, Argentine Republic, studied at the School of Popular Music in Avellaneda and obtained the title of "Teacher of Popular Music". Since her debut in 2003, she has become a prominent figure who regularly performs at festivals across Europe, Asia, South America and the Caribbean.

Tango & Argentine Folklore

1. Vidala Suite (Lautaro Tissera)
2. Chacarera Suite (Lautaro Tissera)
4. Vidco (Lautaro Tissera)
5. A Don Agustin Bardi (Horacio Salgan)
6. Volver (Carlos Gardel)
7. Misa Chico (Eduardo Falù)
8. La Pamperada (Eduardo Falù)
9. Pantaleòn (Lautaro Tissera)
10. Adios Nonino(Astor Piazzolla)
11. Verano Porteño (Astor Piazzolla)
12. Rondevu (Lautaro Tissera)
13. Malambo Villero (Lautaro Tissera)
14. Tango Suite (Lautaro Tissera)

Start:              20:30h
Address:        Guitarras de Luthier
Price:             10 €