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Master Class Inside Choro - Iuri Bittar

MASTERCLASS | Inside Choro – Fundamentals of the Brazilian guitar
Focusing on choro, this Masterclass addresses aspects that, according to the musician and teacher Iuri Bittar, are fundamental for those who wish to delve deeper into the Brazilian guitar accompaniment: Language, grooves, harmony and bass phrasing.
During the class, the main topics covered will be: genres, repertoire and main composers of choro; characteristic rhythms, grooves and excerpts from the great masters; chord inversion and application in different regions of the guitar fretboard; characteristic bass phrasing.
Duration: 3 hours

Iuri Bittar is a guitarist, composer, music producer, and teacher. For the past 20 years, he has devoted himself to the study of acoustic guitar, especially Choro and Samba. Since 2012, he has also been a member of the teaching staff at Escola Portátil de Música and Instituto Casa do Choro, international references in the teaching and research of music through the language of choro. As an academic researcher, his pioneering Master's thesis on guitarist Jayme Florence, known as Meira, has become a reference in the historical and musicological study of the Brazilian guitar. In his 20-year career as a guitarist, Iuri has been a member of several Choro and Samba groups and performed alongside renowned Brazilian musicians such as Paulinho da Viola, Paulo César Pinheiro, Luciana Rabello, Áurea Martins, Monarco, Nelson Sargento, Pedro Amorim, and João Camarero, among others. In 2022, Iuri Bittar releases his first solo guitar album, Alma Brasileira, on the Biscoito Fino imprimt, which features new arrangements for works by Ernesto Nazareth and Radamés Gnattali.

"Brazilian music needs this kind of work from an artist who is solely committed to beauty and depth. I was deeply moved by Iuri Bittar's version for a Radamés Gnattali piece."
(Guitarist and composer)

"Swing, technique, determination, all together!"
Ricardo Dias
(Luthier, writer, and forum moderator)

"A gifted guitar player! This album will contribute substantially to the Brazilian guitar literature".
João Camarero
(Guitarist, composer, and music producer)

Price: 50 €
Date: 29th of October, 2022
Time: 10:30h
Place: Guitarras de Luthier - Madrid